The installation DIORAMATIZED #02 is part of my practice based PhD research. The central concept of the installation is introducing friction between the multiple layers of sound and vision.  Perspectives that do not completely match, invite to explore the installation. The observer becomes an active participant, whose full sensorium of vision, hearing, feeling, … is called upon. And when exploring the audiovisual installation, he constructs, in interaction with the audiovisual form, his own perspective on the music performed.

installation view DIORAMATIZED #02 @ M – Museum Leuven

DIORAMATIZED #02 had its premiere 7 september 2011 at M – Museum Leuven, Belgium. The installation is integrated in the exhibition DIVINE SOUNDS, 8 september  – 27 november 2011 @ M – Museum Leuven.

DIORAMATIZED #02 – Psallentes♀ performing Hildegard von Bingen

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