Sound & Image Symposium – Febr. 2013

In february I presented part of my PhD research in the one-day symposium Sound & Image that took place at M Museum Leuven.

Sound & Image

My presentation was scheduled in the first part of the day, where “doctoral students and artistic researchers presented their research to a critical group of fellow doctoral students, supervisors and experts. This took place in the context of SeminArt, a cross-association seminar aimed at doctoral researchers in the visual arts.” I focussed on how friction functions  as a trigger for embodied perception in my installation MULTIPLE voice vision.

A description of my talk:

In his exploration of the multiple in audiovisual arts, Rudi Knoops applies multiple instances of specific interventions on the different audiovisual layers of my installations. In this presentation he focused on friction: how friction is at work at different levels in his installations; how friction can be used as a strategy to trigger embodied perception. Using Mark Hansen’s phenomenological lens of affective or embodied perception (Hansen, 2004) Rudi Knoops tried to analyse the workings of friction: friction at a purely visual level, friction between sound and vision, and finally, how friction is related to the multiple application of specific interventions. He referred to the research project MULTIPLE voice/vision to illustrate his discourse.

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