Flocking behaviour & influence maps

I’ve been exploring  different scenario’s how to in a controlled way use randomness  in the large interactive wall for the museum installation. Randomness and control? Indeed,  there is always some kind (and degree) of  control when you integrate randomness.
I’ve been experimenting with the ‘Assembler’ code  from yaief.wordpress.com/2008/12/09/fun-with-flash-assembler/. One possible idea was to use treelike structures as background for each of the 12 elements of the installation:

influencing Flocking behaviour using image maps from Rudi Knoops on Vimeo.

This video shows the output of the Flash experiment where an influence map is used to control the flocking behaviour of particles. More specifically:  the particles line up in the form of the influence map used: a treelike structure.

When using 2 such ‘elements’ within one Flash project, it became immediately clear that this was too CPU intensive. Pity.

Conclusion: interesting technology, but not usable for the project I’m working on now.

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