A design sketch

design sketch No 1
design sketch No 1

In a previous post, I mentioned that DIORAMATIZED #01 is a miniature design exporation.
Everything is relative I guess: DIORAMATIZED #01 may have a size of about 2.00 (diameter) x 3.00 (height) metres. But in comparison to what we aim at with the full-scale installation(s), I can still call it a miniature or a scale model.

The top part of the cylinder will house the ‘machinery’: the projector, computer, etc…

The lower third of the cylinder is reserved for the viewing/listening experience. The viewer/listener can interact with the multiple layers of the audiovisual projection by exploring the inside of the cylindrical installation, a design that harks back to the pre-cinema tradition of expecially the praxinoscope, both because of the cylindrical form and because of the use of mirrors as central element in the visual concept of DIORAMATIZED #01: each mirror with its own perspective.

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