DIORAMATIZED #01 is the first of a series of experimental design explorations that we are setting up in the framework of the practice-based research project MULTIPLE voice/vision. I coined the word DIORAMATIZED because on the one hand it refers to the 19th century phenomenon of dioramas, and on the other hand it carries (some of) the meaning of the word ‘dramatized’. And this second meaning is also fundamental in DIORAMATIZED #01 as it transposes the 19th century concept of a diorama to a contemporary interactive media formula in a miniature dramatized setting.

The technical as well as the aesthetic approach of DIORAMATIZED #01 is a deconstruction of the multi-layered musical texture into its constituant parts, ‘rendering’ each individual layer with a limited perspective, both aurally and visually.

the musicians
the 5 musicians: no perspectival limitations yet

The next months I will start using these multiple auditory and visual materials as input for computergenerated acousto-optical and perspectival constructions.

In fact DIORAMATIZED #01 thus will become a subversion of the traditional diorama concept, as it will also be a deconstruction of the use of the traditional single viewpoint of the 19th century diorama into a multiperspective experience that challenges the curiosity of the viewer/listener and invites him/her to explore these multiple perspectives.

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