In the context of Manifesta 9 – Parallel Events, Musica organizes a summer expo  ‘Awakening Woods’  with the temporary media-installation MULTIPLE voice/vision by Rudi Knoops and three new sound installations for Klankenbos, a unique collection of open-air sound works.

[open] 20.07.12 – 26.08.12 / opening: vrij/fri 20.07.12, 18h
[loc] Klankenbos, domein Dommelhof, Toekomstlaan 5B, Neerpelt

MULTIPLE voice/vision

Text from the brochure:

MULTIPLE voice/vision

In Rudi Knoops’ media-installation MULTIPLE voice/vision ingenious mirror structures and sound projections create a tension that encourages the visitor to explore music spatially. The installation invites visitors to take a physical walk through the rich counterpoint texture of Brackx’ Ricercari and Bach’s Musikalisches Opfer. In this universe of baroque and contemporary sound structures, viewer/listeners choose for themselves which individual musical lines to emphasise. They go in search of interesting perspectives – whether auditory, visual or a combination of the two – to create their own perspective on the music performed.


MULTIPLE voice/vision
audiovisual installation, mixed media


Rudi Knoops, concept & installation

Musicians: Roel Dieltiens and Ensemble Explorations

Amaryllis Dieltiens, soprano | Anne Pustlauk, traverso | Frank Theuns, traverso | Margarete Adorf, violin | Helmut Winckel, violin | Bart Naessens, cembalo | Roel Dieltiens, cello



Johann Sebastian Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 | Joachim Brackx: Ricercari


With the support of Onderzoeksplatform Architectuur en Kunsten of Geassocieerde Faculteit Kunsten en Architectuur, K.U.Leuven; Media, Arts & Design-faculty — een samenwerking tussen KHLim en PHL; Lemmensinstituut, department Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst; FLACC, workplace for visual artists; Pianofabriek, kunstenwerkplaats; Huis van de Polyfonie, Alamire Foundation; AMUZ [Festival van Vlaanderen – Antwerpen]

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