MULTIPLE voice/vision @ Bach Academie 2014

Concertgebouw Brugge has a tradition of a yearly Bach-festival;  BACH ACADEMIE BRUGGE. My installation MULTIPLE voice/vision is part of this year’s edition, that runs from thursday January 30 till sunday February 2. I decided to limit the audiovisual materials to only the Ricercar a 6 from Johann Sebastian Bach’s  Musikalisches Opfer (BWV 1079), performed by Roel Dieltiens and Ensemble Explorations. MULTIPLE voice/vision is permanently on display during the mini festival, so don’t miss this opportunity to spatially experience Bach’s Ricercar a 6 between the series of live concerts. At a previous exhibition of MULTIPLE voice/vision I made a time-lapse recording…


In the context of Manifesta 9 – Parallel Events, Musica organizes a summer expo  ‘Awakening Woods’  with the temporary media-installation MULTIPLE voice/vision by Rudi Knoops and three new sound installations for Klankenbos, a unique collection of open-air sound works. [open] 20.07.12 – 26.08.12 / opening: vrij/fri 20.07.12, 18h [loc] Klankenbos, domein Dommelhof, Toekomstlaan 5B, Neerpelt Text from the brochure: MULTIPLE voice/vision In Rudi Knoops’ media-installation MULTIPLE voice/vision ingenious mirror structures and sound projections create a tension that encourages the visitor to explore music spatially. The installation invites visitors to take a physical walk through the rich counterpoint texture of Brackx’…

Some more pictures of MULTIPLE voice/vision – BACH

This photo-selection documents the process of setting up the installion for the premiere of MULTIPLE voice/vision – BACH at AMUZ 1 october 2011. It took 3 (very) long days, plus on the fourth day – saturday oct 1 – final finetuning and a general rehearsal with the musicians before the concerts in the evening.

Johannes Ockeghem – Deo Gratias – The Hilliard Ensemble

Somebody was so nice and ‘brave’ to upload this 36-layer video to YouTube: I made this single-screen video In 1995 as a by-product from a multiscreen concert/performance with the Hilliard Ensemble at the Basiliek of Koekelberg. It was the first full digital production made at the VRT, at that time named BRTN, and it was broadcast in the programme about arts & culture ‘Vuurvogel’.

Premiere MULTIPLE voice/vision @ AMUZ – 1 oct 2011

About a month ago MULTIPLE voice/vision – BACH had its premiere at the concerthall of AMUZ in Antwerp. From MULTIPLE voice/vision -BACH premiere 1 oktober 2011 Through the use of anamorphosis, and especially through the multiple use of anamorphosis, I challenge the traditional audience-screen configuration. On top of that, the sheer size of the installation – 10.40 meters in diameter – demands for activity of the observer. Instead of a viewer immobilized in an Albertian tradition of static one-point perspective representation, the observer becomes an active participant, whose full sensorium of vision, hearing, feeling, walking … is called upon. In…

DIORAMATIZED #02 @ M – Museum Leuven

Till november 27th, my installation DIORAMATIZED #02 is on display in Museum M Leuven, and forms an integral part of the exhibition ‘Divine Sounds – Seven Centuries of Gregorian Chant Manuscripts in Flanders’: at M – Museum Leuven from september 8 till november 27, 2011. From installation view DIORAMATIZED #02 @ M – Museum Leuven In the publication accompanying the exhibition – Reflecties # 14: Divine Sounds – Pieter Mannaerts describes the installation as follows: The centre of the exhibition is not only these manuscripts, but the audible music itself. Visitors can hear the music they are looking at, and…

DIORAMATIZED @ Huis van de Polyfonie

In february I installed DIORAMATIZED  at Huis van de Polyfonie in Leuven. It is for a short working period – probably till the end of march – preparing amongst others the content of DIORAMATIZED #02 for an exhibition in M Leuven september/october/november this year. This time lapse video documents the installation process of the labo setup @ Huis van de Polyfonie:

MULTIPLE voice/vision – some pictures

Finally the server hosting this blog is back on-line. Quick update post with a collection of pictures from making the testrecordings in AMUZ – february 2010 – till the presentation moment of DIORAMATIZED #01 @ FLACC – october 9, 2010: [postcasa showcaptions=yes size=large][/postcasa]

DIORAMATIZED #01 – ‘toonmoment’ @ FLACC october 9, 2010

A few weeks ago I had a presentation moment at FLACC in Genk where DIORAMATIZED #01 was shown to the public for the first time. What I concentrated on in this first exploration, was trying to impose perspectival limitations on the different layers of the projection. For this purpose I used the technique of anamorphosis. Anamorphosis is an optical curiosity (Baltrušaitis, 1977), and a very interesting one because of its interfering with the laws of perspective and at the same time explicitating these laws of perspective. As Dan Collins points out in his article ‘Anamorphosis and the Eccentric Observer’: The…


DIORAMATIZED #01 is the first of a series of experimental design explorations that we are setting up in the framework of the practice-based research project MULTIPLE voice/vision. I coined the word DIORAMATIZED because on the one hand it refers to the 19th century phenomenon of dioramas, and on the other hand it carries (some of) the meaning of the word ‘dramatized’. And this second meaning is also fundamental in DIORAMATIZED #01 as it transposes the 19th century concept of a diorama to a contemporary interactive media formula in a miniature dramatized setting. The technical as well as the aesthetic approach…