DIORAMATIZED #02 @ M – Museum Leuven

Till november 27th, my installation DIORAMATIZED #02 is on display in Museum M Leuven, and forms an integral part of the exhibition ‘Divine Sounds – Seven Centuries of Gregorian Chant Manuscripts in Flanders’: at M – Museum Leuven from september 8 till november 27, 2011.

From installation view DIORAMATIZED #02 @ M – Museum Leuven

In the publication accompanying the exhibition – Reflecties # 14: Divine Sounds – Pieter Mannaerts describes the installation as follows:

The centre of the exhibition is not only these manuscripts, but the audible music itself. Visitors can hear the music they are looking at, and listen to diffences in style, form and performance practice in the installation DIORAMATIZED #02 by multimedia artist Rudi Knoops. Three top ensembles – Cappella Pratensis, Psallentes and Psallentes♀ – breathe new life into four antiphonaries from the eleventh, twelfth, seventeenth […] and eighteenth centuries. The integration of an installation with historical heritage raises that heritage to a new level: that of contemporary art. It refreshes our collective memory and brings it up to date; the ancient traditional chants not only get a fresh coat of paint, but become an essential element of a new artwork.


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