Premiere MULTIPLE voice/vision @ AMUZ – 1 oct 2011

About a month ago MULTIPLE voice/vision – BACH had its premiere at the concerthall of AMUZ in Antwerp.

From MULTIPLE voice/vision -BACH premiere 1 oktober 2011

Through the use of anamorphosis, and especially through the multiple use of anamorphosis, I challenge the traditional audience-screen configuration. On top of that, the sheer size of the installation – 10.40 meters in diameter – demands for activity of the observer. Instead of a viewer immobilized in an Albertian tradition of static one-point perspective representation, the observer becomes an active participant, whose full sensorium of vision, hearing, feeling, walking … is called upon.

In this dynamic act of exploring the multiple images and sounds on offer in the audiovisual installation, the peripathetic observer becomes an active participant in the articulation of the projected – or (re-)presented – objects, and constructs his own perspective on the music performed.

You can re-read the short introduction to the concert here: Ensemble Explorations & Rudi Knoops | AMUZ.

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