In the context of Manifesta 9 – Parallel Events, Musica organizes a summer expo  ‘Awakening Woods’  with the temporary media-installation MULTIPLE voice/vision by Rudi Knoops and three new sound installations for Klankenbos, a unique collection of open-air sound works. [open] 20.07.12 – 26.08.12 / opening: vrij/fri 20.07.12, 18h [loc] Klankenbos, domein Dommelhof, Toekomstlaan 5B, Neerpelt Text from the brochure: MULTIPLE voice/vision In Rudi Knoops’ media-installation MULTIPLE voice/vision ingenious mirror structures and sound projections create a tension that encourages the visitor to explore music spatially. The installation invites visitors to take a physical walk through the rich counterpoint texture of Brackx’…

Some more pictures of MULTIPLE voice/vision – BACH

This photo-selection documents the process of setting up the installion for the premiere of MULTIPLE voice/vision – BACH at AMUZ 1 october 2011. It took 3 (very) long days, plus on the fourth day – saturday oct 1 – final finetuning and a general rehearsal with the musicians before the concerts in the evening.

Premiere MULTIPLE voice/vision @ AMUZ – 1 oct 2011

About a month ago MULTIPLE voice/vision – BACH had its premiere at the concerthall of AMUZ in Antwerp. From MULTIPLE voice/vision -BACH premiere 1 oktober 2011 Through the use of anamorphosis, and especially through the multiple use of anamorphosis, I challenge the traditional audience-screen configuration. On top of that, the sheer size of the installation – 10.40 meters in diameter – demands for activity of the observer. Instead of a viewer immobilized in an Albertian tradition of static one-point perspective representation, the observer becomes an active participant, whose full sensorium of vision, hearing, feeling, walking … is called upon. In…

DIORAMATIZED #02 @ M – Museum Leuven

Till november 27th, my installation DIORAMATIZED #02 is on display in Museum M Leuven, and forms an integral part of the exhibition ‘Divine Sounds – Seven Centuries of Gregorian Chant Manuscripts in Flanders’: at M – Museum Leuven from september 8 till november 27, 2011. From installation view DIORAMATIZED #02 @ M – Museum Leuven In the publication accompanying the exhibition – Reflecties # 14: Divine Sounds – Pieter Mannaerts describes the installation as follows: The centre of the exhibition is not only these manuscripts, but the audible music itself. Visitors can hear the music they are looking at, and…

DIORAMATIZED @ Huis van de Polyfonie

In february I installed DIORAMATIZED  at Huis van de Polyfonie in Leuven. It is for a short working period – probably till the end of march – preparing amongst others the content of DIORAMATIZED #02 for an exhibition in M Leuven september/october/november this year. This time lapse video documents the installation process of the labo setup @ Huis van de Polyfonie: